100% recycled jeans: Here is what Kuyichi brand can tell you

When we asked Kuyichi, why their team felt the need to create the 100% recyclable collection the answer we got was not only limited to their sustainable mindset and DNA.

Why 100% recycled jeans?

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Dyeing with 85% less water

Kuyichi tells us, that indigo dyeing can actually be one of the highest impact dyeing methods out there, since the indigo dye needs certain kinds of chemicals to stick to the fibre. Even so, Kuyichi, has found the way to challenge how denim is indigo-dyed.

But that’s still not it. Kuyichi and its manufacturing partners go beyond materials and fabrics. Their jeans are stitched together with recycled polyester stitching threads, crafted by SARP Jeans.

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What is clean wash?

Finally, the jeans are finished with a vegan patch made from corn waste. Making the jeans 100% vegan and officially PETA approved vegan, to be exact. Sound good right?

What about the fabrics?

The issue with recycling is often that the fibre length becomes shorter in the fiberizing process — and therefore less strong and durable material. Their partner has found a mechanism to keep the recycled fibers as long as possible and turn them into a beautiful heavier weight fabric with their guaranteed high quality.

The result: this 100% cotton fabric is just as good and strong as any other fabric made from new cotton.

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Reference: This post is made through content from Renoon Retalks (IGTV) and with our partner Kuyichi.

Originally published at https://renoon.com.



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