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By Gaia Rattazzi

This side of sustainable fashion often gets overlooked, but it’s so important to know how we can properly take care of clothes so they last longer. Fashion Revolution actually calculated that 25% of the carbon footprint of clothes comes from the way we care for them! And especially how we wash and dry them, so here are my best tips to make your clothes last!

This is Gaia from @ssustainably_ taking you through some of my best tips and learnings I’ve gathered over time.

Washing clothes. How often?

You’ll be surprised to know that these simple actions not only lessened my…

It’s Gaia here. Yes I am talking about wearing other people’s clothes. Cool, right?
For those of you who haven’t yet discovered the wonders of thrifting, I can assure you, you’re missing out.

The Level — on Renoon

With the real and intensifying threat of climate change, we all need to do our bit for the environment and shopping secondhand is a great way to do so!

Numbers on second-hand and sustainability

Producing new clothes requires huge amounts of resources both human and natural, as I touched on in previous blog posts. …

When we know the people who are behind our clothes, we feel empowered to invest in better clothing. Keep reading to discover about the people who make your clothes and where you can get started to support their wellbeing […]

75 million people are working to manufacture our clothes and 80% of them are women between the age of 18 and 24. Buying clothes has become such a frequent activity that we don’t put much thought into — in fact we could definitely know more about the women who make our clothes. …

Sustainable fashion is all about choosing quality items over quantity and avoiding impulsive purchases. When we know how to avoid impulse buying we can create a better wardrobe for ourselves with clothing that we truly love and need. Keep reading the story to discover tips and tricks for how to buy less and better for yourself […]

Haven’t we all felt overwhelmed by the amount of clothes in our wardrobes and thought: “what was I thinking?!” It’s not a nice feeling especially when, despite the huge amount of garments we own, we feel like we have nothing to wear!


Before Airbnb changed the travel industry, staying at a stranger’s house over night seemed weird or might even have made you feel uncomfortable. And before Uber changed the transport industry getting into a car with a stranger was unheard of too.

Rental fashion is on the rise and not just for Carnival. While before rent was mostly popular for the gentlemen who hired their special occasion tuxedos, now can rent the runway. Yes, that’s right! …

As if the news about the polluting fashion industry weren’t upsetting enough…the microfibers (aka the micro-plastics) make their entrance in the scene (for those who don’t know them, allow us to present them to you in a moment). How should we feel? Skeptical about the secondhand clothing we bought or the upcycled activewear we thought of purchasing — thinking we are doing good for the environment? It’s like we are in a dead end.

Well, the good news is that there are ways to reduce these micro-plastics — and it starts with our washing machines.

So here is how to…

When we asked Kuyichi, why their team felt the need to create the 100% recyclable collection the answer we got was not only limited to their sustainable mindset and DNA.

Why 100% recycled jeans?

Kuyichi’s main goal is to reduce the environmental impact of the products created. And how do they achieve it? By using waste streams “Circularity is the future, when our supplier came up with a technique to create a 100% recycled denim, we were super stoked”.

Click here to view the 100% recyclable Nora jeans.

Dyeing with 85% less water

Besides the fact that this fabric is made from recycled materials, there’s more to its sustainable…

Reference: This post is made by Julia Polo (member of Generation Renoon), through content from Renoon Retalks (IGTV) and with the platform Dress The Change.

Julia, one of our members: “I have only recently started reading the composition labels, then I found Renoon’s Instagram live…

Let’s start! Here are the basics I’ve learnt so far.

The composition label describes the textile materials our garments are made of. In other words, it indicates which fabrics the brand has used to make the garment (eg. cotton regular denim, viscose and so on) and composition percentage of the material (eg. 100% cotton). The composition label allows us to get an idea of the…

You have rarely heard of zero-waste in fashion. What does it mean? What are the positive impacts? Sustainable fashion is synonymous with buying second-hand, re-wearing pieces in our capsule wardrobe, and being more mindful about how our clothes are made. And zero-waste fashion production is the answer to the dire consequences of traditional production that is polluting our Earth. Zero-waste fashion is about utilising existing materials to their full capacity and not producing textile or other material waste.

We interviewed Camilla Carrara, a zero-waste designer, about how she is advocating for an environmentally responsible production process with her own brand…

In the past there were very few designers and brands willing to leave the norm and try creating fashion in a less harmful way to our environment. But as we are clearly noticing, sustainability is not something we hear once in a blue moon anymore, the term is highly used in the fashion industry. Designers and brands are not only adopting the principles of sustainability but start incorporating sustainability in every phase of creating clothing, from eco-materials to eco-packaging.

This is why (amongst many other reasons) every 4th Wednesday of October we celebrate Sustainability Day. …


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