This is How to Build a Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

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Cover Image: Courtesy of Brittany Bathgate — Written by Jennifer Dobrowolski

First things first: what is a capsule wardrobe?

You can call it a “mini wardrobe” made up of high quality, versatile clothes that never go out of style.

The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to select 30–40 well-fitting items you will wear all season (including accessories). It’s not about how many items are in your closet, but rather being thoughtful about how they all work together cohesively.

As the weather gets nicer and you start to run out of quarantine activities, how can you not consider your capsule wardrobe for this spring?

And here is your time back

As Carmen Jenny, journalist and sustainability enthusiast, emphasized on her recent IG live interview with Renoon, a capsule wardrobe will be the dream for all of us who struggle with time: ready in the morning in a snap. If you are like us, the staring-at-the-wall experience is not new (also known as decision fatigue). Just substitute it with your capsule: fewer items to choose from and ready-made combinations.

Polish up your Style

Narrowing your wardrobe down to the pieces that you can’t live without is also a great way to define your style. Many of us face the problem of a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear. Limiting your wardrobe to your favorite pieces will ensure that you always have something great to put on and make your style more refined and consistent.

The top quality you needed

Finally, creating a capsule wardrobe actually reduces your desire to buy useless clothes. When everything in your closet matches perfectly together, you won’t feel like there is anything missing. You know that feeling when you buy a new skirt and wish you had that perfect top to match? By pre-planning the items you will wear for a season, you can break the cycle of always needing to buy something to match that new thing you just bought.

The 5 steps you were waiting: Build Your Own Capsule Wardrobe

Step 1 — Style: found

Ready to ask yourself the right questions? Go through your current closet and evaluate what you currently have. What clothes do you wear most often? How well does your wardrobe match your lifestyle?

Not 100% satisfied with your current wardrobe?

Look for inspiration.

Pinterest is a great place to start (check out Renoon’s sustainable outfits board here). Try searching for words that define your ideal style. Some ideas include feminine, quirky, minimalist, sporty, classic, colorful, and bohemian.

Image Credit: @best.dressed and @katybellotte via Instagram

Step 2 — Out: Empty Your Closet

Divide clothes into the following piles: love, maybe, donate/sell, occasion wear, seasonal wear, & sportswear. Store away out of season items that you don’t need right now.

Step 3 — Create Your Capsules


Choose 3 or 4 of your favorite colors for the season, being sure to include a few neutrals to balance out your palette.

Not sure what colors will work together?

Filter by color on Renoon to get a better sense of how your colors will mesh across a variety of pieces.

Image credits: Hailey Baldwin, Allegra Shaw


Choose 30–40 items that you will commit to wearing for the next 3 months. If you have space, move them to separate rack or dresser where you can easily distinguish them from the rest of your clothes.

Need more inspiration to structure your capsules?

Check out some capsule wardrobe bloggers, like the popular Danish blog, Use Less

Or check out these Instagram bloggers based on your style Mariejedig (Colorful), carinasstyle (Classic), best.dressed (Vintage), Carmitive (Neutrals).

Image: @carmitive

Step 4: Shop Better!

Take a look at the capsules you have created and note any essentials that you may be missing. When you shop, look for sustainable basics, prioritizing neutrals, and versatile items.

Looking for a specific item? Check out Renoon’s sustainable fashion search engine to find sustainable capsule wardrobe-essentials.

Step 5: Care For Your Clothes

Take Care & Repair

Always store your clothing properly and be sure to read care labels when washing!

Find a local seamstress or tailor to make sure your favorite pieces last (your clothes will thank you).

Ok, now tell me how much is the bill going to be?

While building a high quality capsule wardrobe needs to be expensive looking at it first, investing in items that stand the test of time will reduce the quantity you buy each year and save money (and Planet) in the long run. For example, having 2–3 great pairs of jeans that you will wear for years is better than replacing cheap jeans each season.

How will you build your capsule wardrobe for summer?

Creating a capsule wardrobe is a long term project that will save you time and stress when putting together outfits.

By following these 5 steps and investing in a few high quality pieces each year, you are well on your way to the wardrobe of your dreams!

So, how will you build your capsule wardrobe for summer?

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