This is why Renting Fashion is a more sustainable choice

4 min readDec 29, 2020

Before Airbnb changed the travel industry, staying at a stranger’s house over night seemed weird or might even have made you feel uncomfortable. And before Uber changed the transport industry getting into a car with a stranger was unheard of too.

Rental fashion is on the rise and not just for Carnival. While before rent was mostly popular for the gentlemen who hired their special occasion tuxedos, now can rent the runway. Yes, that’s right! Rental fashion stretches from luxury designer labels to the dresses of famous personalities, some celebrities will even post the clothing to your door and have their maids do your laundry.

When is renting better than buying?

Because most clothes we buy end up in the back of our closest or landfills, renting clothing you probably end up wearing a couple of times (before tossed or forgotten) is a more responsible solution.

More clothing circulating in the economy means less clothing needs to be produced to meet demand. So when less clothing is produced, the less we use earth’s precious recourses and thus we pollute less.

On the other hand renting gives us endless possibilities of styles. A study has revealed that one in six young people say that they don’t want to appear in the same outfit if it was already shown on their social media accounts…sounds familiar! ‘Renting’ could fix this problem, especially for those items we are not planning on keeping/wearing a lot.

Science says it: renting is more eco-friendly and has proven to be a successful way to reduce climate impact and water usage when it is done for occasion clothing!

#1 Renting is an alternative to purchasing fast and disposable fashion. Plus, you have better chances not to been seen in a place wearing the same Zara dress as everyone else does.

#2 If you want to cover yourself in labels and glam, it’s better for your wallet too. Let’s assume you have a special occasion and you need a new outfit. A fast fashion dress you wear once versus rented designer dress you also wear once, the price is pretty much the same, the only difference is that you get a designer brand.

How does rent work?

Ok, by now you probably know if rent is for you or not. And if the answer is ‘yes’ or you just want to try it out, here is how rent works on Renoon:

#1 Think of it as if you are renting an Airbnb for the weekend. First things first you’d check the availability and see whether or not the your perfect dress is available for the days you are looking to rent. We recommend to check the availability of products in advance to ensure you get to reserve the best option for your special occasion. (Ahh, and of course make sure to know your measurements).

#2 Ok now that you ‘checked out’ the dress is on the way. Delivery usually takes one or two days and the dress arrives in a high quality reusable garment bag which are rather fancy making it feel very special and festive.(this is specific to when you renting via Renoon).

#3 At the end of the rental period the garment is picked up free of charge. By the way, if the fit was not perfect you can return the item within the reservation period and you will receive a voucher worth the rental amount (minus shipping costs).

What to rent this holiday season

Here are some of many you can find on Renoon.

P.S. Dresses are shipped in high quality reusable garment bags, that are cleaned and reused continuously. No single use!

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